Top 10 trends of hand bags for Girls

Top 10 trends of hand bags for Girls

Keeping handbags has become a common thing in today’s world, hand bags can not only add to your fashion but are also very useful for you, where in the 19s there was very little variety of handbags, whereas today hand bags are many. We are present in the designs, from small purses to big handbags, we get to see many types of designs.

While clothes have become a part of our fashion, handbags have also become an important part of our lifestyle.

Handbags are not only a part of our fashion but also very important for us in which we can keep our personal things with us at any time which is also very important according to today’s generation.

Today we will talk about 10 types of handbags, so that you can find out which handbag will be best for you and if you want, you can also select the handbag according to the dress.

1. Back Pack Purse- 

Back pack purses are best for everyone whether girls or boys, whether women or men.Back pack is also best for daily use whether it is books or laptop, clothes or lunch box, backpack is best for all of them.All types of people can use this bag whether they are students or office workers or travelers.It is very easy to carry, it is comfortable as well as stylish.

It is waterproof, lightweight and flexible.

2. Baguette Bag- 

Baguette Bag means step shoulder bag whose trend is going on since the 90s. Can also be used in the form, in which the option of removing the lease is also available.

3. Barrel Bag- 

Barrel Bag and Baguette Bag that people often get confused by seeing Barrel bag shape is cylindrical and usually bigger than Baguette Bag, these bags are attractive in appearance due to the design.

4. Bucket Bag-  

This season you can give yourself a new passion by carrying Bucket Back. Today we all are crazy about looking and looking for retro items. If you are one of those girls who love retro look then bucket pack can be the best item for you.

There are many designs of bucket bags are available in the market today, these bags are made of denim and leather, brown color is very much in trend in bucket bags.

5. Clutch Bag-

In  today’s fashionable world, where some women like clutch bags, some women prefer to keep handbags. Clutch pack bags also have some advantages, if you like to keep a clutch bag then you should keep it. You should also know the advantages of where you have to carry only the necessary things in the purse, then you can choose the Clutch Bag.

It is not necessary that you carry a big handbag with you, sometimes we have to carry some personal things with us like debit card, car key, mobile and note etc. So Clutch Bag can be a Comfort and Best option for us.

6. Doctor’s Bag –

Doctor’s Bag has a small handle and a base at the bottom, which keeps the bag upright. There is a frame around this bag, its trend is also seen in the market today. These bags are stylish to look at. Huh.

7. Duffle 7k Bag- 

Duffle Bag  are easy to pack, as well as a large bag ends  are rounded and Flat shape is it a long lease. 

8. Envelope Clutch: 

This envelope-shaped bag is small and flat, this hand bag does not have strap and handle, it is one of the smallest hand bags, you can definitely carry it if you are going to a party.

9. Messenger  Bag-  

This handbag can be used by both men and women, although the messenger bags of both men and women are different, in women, this bag is a little smaller, this bag has a very long strap. You can also carry it as a crossbody bag.

10. Shoulder Bag –

Shoulder Bag strap can be long or short, but they are not big enough to use them as Cross Body Bag. In this bag, you can keep your diary, notes, mobile all things. The Shoulder Bag is best for lightweight use as well as it looks stylish in appearance.

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