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Digital Marketing Tools and methods for beginners

Digital marketing is that online weapon of today’s time, without which it is very difficult to get satisfactory results in online business. Currently, all the E-businesses and websites are getting successful results, the main reason for them is online promotion or digital marketing. There are many digital marketing tools, with the help of them online promotion becomes much easier.

Whatever be the type of your business, if you do not promote it properly then it is very difficult for you to get the right results, because there are lacs and crores of people like you, who are doing their business online such as you and everyone has their own online marketing strategies. Through which they try their best to meet their online targets and generate leads, and many of them become quite successful and many people fail.

Different types of digital marketing tools have a different importance, but there are one aim is that top ranking on search engine and proper marketing of our business.

Why people fail and pass in online promotion-

It is completely a game of strategies and techniques. Your success and failure depends on when and how you use which online marketing technique.

I know many people who have built a very big online business in a very short time and now they get a lot of online leads even with very little effort, its reason that now they have become brands and now people have started recognizing them, but friends, do you know that digital marketing has a big role in making them brands. 

But I know also many companies who have been working hard for years but they have not able to get satisfactory results yet.

Have you wondered how it happens that on one hand there are people who generate very good results in a very short time and on the other hand there are people who could not get success even after working hard, friends, the simple reason for this is that Those who are getting good results have used digital marketing techniques properly and those who are unsuccessful have not followed those rules.

Today your friend Dick Nickelson will let you know about the important tools of digital marketing, I say with full confidence that no matter how small your business is today, if you use those techniques properly, it will not take long for your business to become a brand.

Friends, my job is to guide people about the right strategies and techniques of online marketing, but friends, strategies are useful only when you know about the tools.

Because if you do not have weapons, then what will you do by learning how to use those weapons, so first of all you should know about those arms of digital marketing i.e. those methods which can take you from 0 to the top.

Currently, there are many digital marketing platforms which are generating amazing results. And it is very difficult to get hold of all, in such a situation, now we will discuss the most important online marketing tools i.e. platforms.

And I will advice you about those online marketing tools, so if you are a beginner, then read this article carefully, because this blog can make you a internet marketing expert. But the condition is only that you understand all these internet marketing tools and use them.

After reading this blog, you must use these tools and tell me how you are getting the results.

I still remember the days when people considered only traditional marketing methodes like holdings, print marketing, tele marketing, pamphlet marketing as a means of business promotion. And apart from these, they had no other way of business promotion.

And since the beginning of the Internet, a new publicity technique has also been born, which has changed all the figures of the results of business promotion, and that is, online or digital marketing. So let me now explain to you in a little detail about the tools of digital marketing.

Top Digital marketing tools-


What is SEO?

SEO is the most important part of promotion, without it online promotion is not possible, so search engine optimization is very essential part for ranking any website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). If you are a beginner and are learning digital marketing yourself then knowledge of SEO is very essential, so please develop the skills of SEO. It has two parts.

1. On Page SEO
2. Off SEO

On Page SEO

On Page SEO is the techniques we use to improve ranking of our website in search engines, or in other words, when we use certain techniques on our website for better ranking or visibility in search engines, it is called On Page SEO.

For example, On Page SEO is like betterment our own house, because it is used on our website, which we have to improve in the same way as we renovate our residence, that is, if our home is beautiful and easy to approach, then the people who come to our house will like our home, and they will tell other people about our house, and other visitors will also want to visit our home, So that we will increase our reputation, and the audience i.e. traffic at our residence i.e. our website increase.

This is one of the most important techniques or tools of digitial marketing. It is very difficult to ignore this and get top ranking.

Therefore, on-page SEO is very significant, there should be a lot of focus on it. It mainly has a lot of role in high quality content, relevant keywords, high speed website, meta tag, meta description, images, alt tag, responsive design, heading, etc. Which makes our home i.e. our website beautiful, easy and according to the expectations of the people i.e. our audience.

Off-page SEO-  

When we promote our website on other websites, it is called off-page SEO, in other words it means that building links to our website on other websites is called off-page SEO.

Link building means creating links to your website on other websites, and the links we create on other websites are called back links, the basis of off-page SEO is mainly to create backlinks.

Backlink creating method is one of the top online promotion techniques, it maintain a good reputation of your site. Help to rank you on the top.

The more backlinks your website has, the stronger your website’s visibility or ranking on search engines. So there are many benefits of backlinks.

These backlinks can be in any form, such as social bookmarking, directory submission, business listing, classifieds submission, profile linking, guest posting, article submission, document submission. 

But the most important among these is guest posting, that is, we write blogs or articles for others’ websites, in the content of those blogs or articles, we create one or more backlinks to the landing page of our website. Yes, we benefit a lot from this type of link building.

Advantages of backlinks-

I have already said that creating backlink is one of the great techniques or tools of online marketing, because it has many benefits like,

The first advantage is that when the search engines’ boats crawls that website, it reaches your website through your backlink and starts crawling your website also, due to which the ranking of your website also start to improves. Friends the more your website is crawled, the faster your ranking or visibility will improve.

This online marketing tools related article I am writing now is also a guest post, and one advantage of this is that, suppose your article is on a website whose domain authority is very high and a lot of people visit that site daily, then there are very high chances that when people read the article written by you on that website, many of them will also visit your website through your backlink created on that article.

Due to which your website will get link juice, and traffic on your website will increase. And this link juice also works to build the reputation of our website.

Apart from this, you can also promote your website or post through pay per click, but for this you have to spend some money. If you can spend money then this is a very good source of promotion, you can get results faster than this. But this is not a organic tool of internet marketing and my full focus is teach you about the free i.e. organic digital marketing tools. So I am not preffer the paid marketing from strarting or beginning.

Many things have to be kept in mind in On page and Off page SEO, so by keeping those important things in mind, you can do the perfect SEO.

What is link juice-

When we have a backlink on another website, and the traffic we get from that website through that backlink is called link juice.

There are two types of backlinks.

1. Do Follow Backlink
2. No Follow Backlink

1. Do Follow Backlink and No follow backlink, both of them are very useful, so I advise you to create as many quality backlinks as possible in a right proportion, quality backlink means creating your backlinks on such websites, Which has high domain authority and minimum spam score.

Social Media Marketing-

Social media is one of the top most web marketing tools. There are a lot of chances of your post or website going viral on this platform, your only job is to connect with as many people as possible on social media, listen to them, understand them and take care of their problems and advice.

This means attracting them and sharing links to your website or posts with them at the right time.

I could also say above that you should promote your website on social media as much as possible, but I did not say it at all because many people misinterpret it and consider just sharing their link on social media as promotion. Whereas this method of promotion is not right at all,

Rather, the right way of promotion is that you connect with people on social media, build your network, and interact with them and during mutual conversation, share your web link with them in such a way that they do not feel at all that you are promoting your product, website or services.

And most of the people who focus only on sharing the link of their website on social media do not get much benefit from social media.

If you want, you can also run an ad campaign on social media by targeting your target customers, but for that you will have to spend some money.

So friends Social media marketing is one of the most valuable internet marketing techniques, so using it properly can be very beneficial for you.

Content Marketing-

Content marketing is a great way to promote ourselves, in which we try to attract our potential customers through articles, videos, audios, Youtube video is a great example of content marketing.

If someone asks me, what is the most useful and important thing in the whole of digital marketing, Search Engines, I answer without hesitation, on an immediate basis, Content, because if you do not have content, then digital marketing will not work for you. So I can suggest you to full confidence that digital marketing is one of the best digital marketing tools for business and indivisual.

It is useless without content, or we can also advice you that all online marketing tools and tactics are waste without content.

Therefore, create great and unique content for your website, posts and services, so that people connect with them. and how to make a expert content writer, you should develop the skills.

Email Marketing-

Email marketing is a great technique to promote your website or post by reaching your target customers. Through this you can promote your website, product, post or any services very quickly and accurately.

There are many email marketing services like aweber advocates, constant contacts which provide bulk emails services, with their help you can also promote your product or website among your target customers. This is one of the fantastic digital marketing techniques to reach your focus audience. So use this with proper method.

Affiliate Marketing-

You can also promote your product through affiliate marketing, this is a very great technique in the world of promotion. Through this you can connect people with you who are interested in selling your products or services.

All you have to do is give them a fair commission per sale of your product or services.

This method is beneficial in every way, through this you get a lot of organic backlinks, people also highlight your products and services and share them with more and more people.

Due to which our ranking on search engines also improves, which is why nowadays most of the companies selling goods and services online focus more on affiliate marketing.

Influencer Marketing-

This is also a great technique of marketing, there are many big influencers in social media, who have millions of subscribers or followers, companies hire such people to sell their products and services and they promote their clients’ products and services. They promote those products very effectively among their network, it also gives excellent results and also increases the sales significantly.

But this process is a bit expensive, because a lot of money has to be spent to hire influencers. But still this increases the chances of making a lot of sales.

So Friends, these are all one of the best internet marketing tools for begginers, by keeping all these in mind, you can generate good leads on your website, post or services.

Recently, I have shared with you some techniques, tools and strategies of digital marketing, by using which you can get a lot of great results in a very short time, in digital marketing the whole game is of techniques and strategies.

You just have to attract your target audience. To do this, we have to make the right strategies and use the right techniques to generate leads.

If you learn to use digital marketing tools, and techniques properly then you will definitely get good results. and internet marketing will become very easy for you.

Conclusion of digital marketing tools

Digital marketing is a communication technique, which makes us reach those people on the internet who need us, or we can also say that the definition of digital marketing techniques and tools is only that, those people who need us on the internet. If they are searching for something that we can give them, then promote our product or services on the internet in such a way that when they need that thing, search engines give top priority to your website, so if you understood internet marketing communication techniques, than you can get more and more generate leads.

So friends, thank you very much for reading this blog.

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