4 best hair styles for girls

4 best hair styles for girls | 4 best hair types for girls

Straight Hair As the name suggests, what type of hair we are talking about is naturally straight hair that is (straight hair) which is not curl. Individually, they can be thick, thin and fine, straight from the roots to the bottom and have no curl. Straight hair is soft, silky. Straight hair has an oil-like shine. There are also three types of straight hair.

  1. Type A 1- Type A straight hair is smooth, shiny and soft.
  2. Type B 1- Type B straight hair is bouncy and thicker than type A straight hair.
  3. Type C 1- These hairs are thick, each of these hairs is thick.

Wavy Hair- The texture of these hairs is not straight and neither is it curly at all. S-shaped wavy is made in these hairs. Your hair waves are loose and thin, these hair can be straightened easily, you can also use gel to straighten them Wavy hair is neither too oily nor too dry.They are thick S-shaped curly, their texture is curved from the ears to the bottom. Wavy hair is also of three types.

  1. wavy thin hair
  2. wavy medium thick hair
  3. on the third waving thick

3. Curly Hair-  If you have S pattern in your hair then your hair is curly, there are also three types of Curly hair

  1. Soft Curl
  2. Medium Curl
  3. Hard Curl

Soft Curl Hair can be straightened easily. Medium curl hair can also be straightened using the products. We often see curl hair more in African and American women. Curl hair is usually not shiny. Curl rails are bouncy and have ringlets.4. Colly Hair- Colly hair is like a Z pattern. These hairs are prone to breakage, they have very hard curls. These are also of three types.

  1. Soft
  2. wiry
  3. Hard Curl

Colly hairs are also commonly known as kinky ones. It is dry and spongy.

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