2021 fashion trends for girls

2021 fashion trends for girls | Women’s 2021 Simple Fashion Trends

Today the country is facing the second wave of Kovid-19, it is affecting our body as well as our lifestyle and fashion, so it is obvious. It is also necessary to change the fashion and lifestyle, so in 2021 the pleats have now been replaced by zardosi, along with the collared shirt is again in trend and is also becoming a part of our wardrobes today. We know that the country is battling the second face of Kovid 19, so it is obvious that wearing a mask is also very important for our safety. If you also want to follow fashion, and also want safety, then black face mask is best for you, its trend is also in full swing in 2021. 

Along with this, we also tell you which color will be in trend, you will get to see a lot of combination of yellow color and camel color this year, whether it is your outfit or footwear. Shades of yellow will remain in vogue. However, many designers are also making great use of vibrant with simple dresses. There is still 9 months left for 2021 to end, so what will be the fashion trend in such a situation, so let’s know which fashion trend will be in 2021. 

1. Draped Skirt-
Those who know the nuances of fashion well, then they must be aware that the use of draping technique has been a lot in our fashion world, in 2021 draped skirt will be very much in trend. We all know that skirts never go out of fashion, they just keep changing with time. Draped skirt is also a part of today’s fashion trend. Also roomy skirt is also in trend this year. 

2. Evergreen White –
As we know that fashion is becoming seasonless due to COVID-19, our designers are launching such apparels in the market which can withstand the challenges of the times. In such a situation, the evergreen white color and its shades are seen in the market, which are also very cool according to the summer season. 

3. Jugaad Dress-
Fashion has been left far behind in this era of Kovid-19, so we are trying to give ourselves a fashionable look by manipulating the fabric. If you are trying to give a new dimension to fashion with the manipulation of patchwork and clippings, then all you need is jugaad. That’s how we can give ourselves a fashionable look in this season by doing jugaad. 

4. Oversized Shoulderpad Jackets-
If we talk about the 80s, then short skirt shorts and butts with big overcoats were enough to give us a stylish look. But in today’s fashion era, you can get both casual and fancy look with oversize shoulder jacket. This jacket stretches your legs and tightens the waist. You can look very attractive by matching it with shorts or with lower pants and jeans. 

5. Black Face Mask-
Whenever we go out during this corona period, we remember to put on the mask first. Face masks are so important from the point of view of our safety, so why not make it fancy, so that we can follow both fashion and safety. Although there are many colors of masks available in the market, but black face mask is easily matched with any of our outfits, and also gives us a stylish look, if you want to choose your mask according to fashion. Black face mask can be a very good option for you, choose a silk fabric mask and look stylish.  

6. Head scarf-
Today we talk about headscarf is not the fashion of today. It has been a part of our fashion since the 50s and 60s. Head scarves are going to be especially trending in 2021, the scarf not only protects your hair, it also gives your hair a beautiful look without any hairstyle. You will find these masks in many colors and fabrics in the market. You can wear the scarf with a variety of styles, you can wrap it around your neck, tie your hair up, or leave it open at the back. When you follow this style, it reminds you of the 60s and it will be in fashion trend in 2021. 

7. Yellow and Camel Color Style- By the
way, yellow color has never gone out of fashion. Yellow color was very much in trend in 2020, so of course it is part of the fashion trend in 2021 as well. Be it a yellow colored tea handbag or outfit or footwear, it will look very stylish when carrying everything. If you want to make it more fashionable then the combination of camel color with yellow is a better option for you. 

8. High
Waste Paint- Trend of High Waste Paint You will get to see this year in 2021, it has got a lot of craze in Bollywood at the beginning of the year itself. Bollywood beauties are seen wearing this high waist paint with crop top, which is quite stylish in appearance, you will find this paint in many fabrics in the markets like cotton to denim.  

9. Pastel
Tone- Pastel tones are the right choice in the summer season and pastel tones match all our skin types, whether you are fair or dark this pastel tone is the best option for all skin types. For jump suits or oversized coats, choose pastel tones. These styles enhance your look, and are one of the hottest styles in this season of 2021. 

10. Yellow Handbag-
Yellow color has been trendy for a long time and also the first choice of people. The stylish bag of yellow color was well liked that people will be seen following this fashion in 2021 as well. If you want to repeat that particular trend, choose a stylist small bag. Mustard yellow color bag will be best for you for essential things and will also give you a fashionable look. 

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